Negative Rotita Dresses Reviews: Sizes are completely off, with a large fitting more like a size 0. Arrived fast, but the stitching was poor and the zipper didn’t work correctly. Ordered a 2-piece dress and it arrived in the wrong style and color. Dresses look better in the photo than in person, they’re poorly made. Seafood City Supermarket has become a cultural icon to both Filipinos here and abroad. To Filipino-American households, the supermarket has become part of the weekly schedule, a regular stop for groceries and flavorful Pinoy meals. To their relatives in the Philippines, the brand name is a familiar one, often heard about from lolos and lolas talking about their lives in the US. Where does city of Chico critic get her facts?Sometimes in the course of one’s life it should become necessary to speak only to truth. Wanton misstatements meant only to inflame.

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